9 Ways To Keep Hair From Getting Tangled — What You Need To Know To Keep Your Hair Smooth And Knot-Free

Whether your hair is long or short, we know the struggle all too well. Learning how to deal with hair tangles is such a pain. We all can't wake up every day expecting to have great hair, but throwing in some tangles and knots can make mornings even worse.


Believe me, growing up with long hair all my life, I've probably encountered millions of tangles along the way: literally. And because I've gone through the painful feelings of brushing with impatience, I adopted an extreme level of haircare as a result. Needless to say, brushing my hair is not a quick and easy feat. Since I refuse to cut my hair (for now) after my last short haircut, I've tried really hard to maintain really long hair and keep those pesky tangles away. So in a personal agreement of keeping my locks, I've had to experiment all sorts of ways to keep them untangled and healthy. Since my hair strands are really fine, drenching them in tons of chemically enhanced hair products were never really an option for me, so I had to improvise. I've learned that sticking to organic products and applying a few simple steps to my haircare routine were the best remedies to keep my hair from getting tangled throughout the day.


By this point in my life, having an argument with my hairbrush is just not an option anymore. So if you have the same problem I do, try keeping these haircare steps in mind.


1. Condition your ends


Etude House Silk Scarf Damage Protein Solution Conditioner 


When I shower, I condition my hair at least twice. I start from my ends and move upward slightly toward my scalp. Once I condition and leave it in for about 5 minutes, I rinse and repeat. The second time I condition, I really focus on the bottom half of my hair down to my ends. Especially when straightening hair with heat products, your ends will most likely be damaged and need all the repairing you can give.


2. Use the right brush every morning and every night

I love using paddle brushes to brush my hair, but I know that wide-tooth combs also work great for detangling. I know it can be difficult, but just like brushing your teeth, it really makes a difference to brush your hair in the morning and before you go to sleep. With long hair, I'm slightly OCD about this, but if it means not having to fight off a bird's nest in the morning, I'll gladly sacrifice 5 minutes of sleeping time.


3. Avoid haircare products with a lot of chemicals

Chemicals are bad, bad, bad. Really harsh chemicals should be a big NO for your hair. Using them on a consistent basis could also contribute to damaging your hair. More damage = more tangles. Now I'm not saying to not use hair styling products at all (I love my hair serums), but being wise in which products you use could be an ultimate score for your hair.



Innisfree Camellia Essential Hair Oil Serum 



4. Invest in a good detangler

Finding a really good detangler that works well for your hair is super important. They aren't too expensive, but spending and investing time in finding the perfect fit for you is well worth it. It's literally my go to product if I have tangles throughout the day, especially if you can keep it in your purse. It's a quick-fix for all those moments when your hair is just not cooperating.


5. Keep your hair dyes and bleaching to a minimum

So I'm pretty much obsessed with dying my hair, and get defensive when people question why I change my hair color often. But I've learned to keep the hair dyes to 3 times a year at most. No matter what, it's still dye, and will ultimately cause damage whether we want to believe it or not. The more dye I use, the drier my hair becomes, and tangles become more frequent after dying my locks. Keeping dyes to a minimum is best to keep your hair less damaged and less tangled.


6. Trim your hair every 3 months

Even getting a simple trim for your hair can work wonders. If your hair grows like mine, it grows pretty fast, and usually I'll end up with split ends sooner than I'd like. So cutting off those dead ends can really help keep the tangles away and leave your hair looking healthier and bouncier. And if you don't feel like visiting your hair stylist often, you can try fixing those ends without trimming.


7. Do a hair mask once a week

Hair masks are pretty much awesome in all rules of hair care. You can find an inexpensive one at the drugstore or use some ingredients right off your kitchen shelf. I really love using coconut oil for hair masks, but you can literally make DIY hair care masks using all sorts of different natural products. It's amazing. Try experimenting with different hair masks until you find the perfect one for your hair.


8. Avoid heat as much as possible

There are so many ways to avoid heat for your hair styling needs. Crimpingstraightening—the possibilities are endless. So if at all costs, you need to use heat for whatever reason, try your best to find a different alternative. Less heat means less damage, leaving your hair more tangle-free.


9. Leave-in conditioner is your best friend

And when you really want that extra shine, and tangle-free hair all day last minute, leave-in conditioner is probably your best bet.

Now go and conquer those tangles!








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