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All About Face Malaysia currently support the following payment options;

  1. Online Banking Transfer powered by iPay88.
  2. Direct Bank Deposit, CIMBclicks, 3rd Party GIRO Transfer by AmBank.

1. Online Banking Transfer powered by iPay88.

iPay88 is an Internet Payment Switching Gateway through credit card, Internet Banking (or E-Debit) & Electronic Wallet (E-Wallet), developed by Mobile88.Com Sdn. Bhd. It is the same Online Payment Gateway System currently provided by many licensed Financial Institutions. For that reason, customers can be certain of iPay88′s security. iPay88 also complies with PCI Data Security Standard and Malaysia Payment System Act. All About Face Malaysia uses the iPay88 platform to process online payments as it is fast, free, easy and secure. With iPay88, you can make payments on without sharing your financial information. Customers can determine the methods of paying using iPay88 which is by Bank Account or Credit Card. iPay88

2. Direct Bank Deposit / AmOnline / 3rd Party GIRO Transfer

Ambank Berhad

  • Account Name:  All About Face Sdn Bhd
  • Account No:      8881020674748

Kindly make the payment once the order has been submitted within 3 business days. Do provide us attachment of payment slip together with your Purchase Order No, e.g Order No #xxxx. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I came across the name iPay88 in the All About Face Malaysia website, what is eGHL?

- iPay88 (accredited by Bank Negara Malaysia) and it is a secure online system that offers our customers safe transaction over the internet. iPay88 also uses 3D secure where extra authentication from the bank is required.

2. How secure and trustworthy is the iPay88 system?

- iPay88 is the same Online Payment Gateway System currently provided by many licensed Financial Institution. For that reason, stores can be certain of iPay88 security and database management. iPay88 is notified as Online Payment Switching Gateway by Bank Negara Malaysia under payment system act in year 2006.

3. Why have I received email from 

- You will receive transaction acknowledgment from iPay88 via email when you have made a successful online transaction at iPay88 merchants’ store ie ICOM is an iPay88 merchant.

4. Why is iPay88 on my billing statement?

- Do not worry because our payment gateway partner, iPay88 collects payment on behalf of All About Face Malaysia. If you have a iPay88 use hold placed an online order with one of the iPay88 merchants.

5. How do I know if my payment has gone through?

- When you submit your payment details, the iPay88 payment service will request authorization from your Card Issuer and carry out fraud screening checks. Depending on the outcome of the authorization request, you will see either a successful or a failed message on screen which will confirm the result of your transaction.

- A successful payment will also be confirmed by email. This email will include the details of your purchase and your Transaction ID, which is a unique reference for your payment, and should be quoted on any correspondence with All About Face Malaysia. It will be sent by iPay88 to the email address you have provided when entering your payment details.

- If you receive more than one email and you have only made one purchase, please contact All About Face Malaysia and inform us that you have placed multiple orders by mistake. We will be able to arrange a refund if necessary.

6. Why was my payment declined?

This could be for many different reasons. However, iPay88 is not informed of the exact reason why the transaction has been declined. Reasons why your payment was declined include;

- Some of the card/personal details entered do not match the information held by your Card Issuer.
- You do not have enough cleared funds on your card to cover the amount of the purchase.
- Your card has been reported as lost/stolen and been cancelled by your Card Issuer.
- Your card has or is due to expire and has been replaced by your Card Issuer.
- Your card has recently been replaced by your Card Issuer but not yet activated.
- Your card cannot be used to pay for goods/services in a Cardholder-Not-Present environment (online/over the internet).
- There may be a problem with your Card Issuer’s authorization system.

7. I've made a bank transfer and I still haven't gotten my confirmation email?

- You should receive your confirmation email within 1-2 working days from the date of payment has been made OR once you send to us the payment notification.

8. My computer freeze while processing payment. How do I know if my payment went through successfully?

- All successful transactions will receive a confirmation email that contains an order number. If you have not received confirmation via email, please try placing your order again. Alternatively, please contact Customer Service to confirm the placement of your order.

9. Is it safe to use my credit card or provide my bank account number on your site?

- Yes! Firstly, we do not store any credit card information on our website because we understand that the safety of your personal information is extremely important. On top of that we use a wide array of electronic and physical security measures and devices to protect your personal data and credit card information from unauthorized access.

10. How to inform after payment has been made?

- Kindly email to us at or you may contact our 24/7 Customer Care at +6012-2964236.

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